Pro Version
Completely Free

After downloading, you should register a Google and Facebook developer account to use the login with Google and Facebook account.  

Recommended for intermediate or advanced level user

we recommend beginners use the normal version. 

If you are good at PHP, web server settings, and already using existing Google API client for your web server, you can modify the Google API link to existing directory, instead of the Google API directory in the Wptobe-signinup Plugin.

Continue with Facebook

Website visitors can login
with their Facebook account without sign up

Continue with Google

Website visitors can login
with their Google account without sign up

Plugin File Size Notification

The capacity of the pro version including the Google login function is about 40 megabytes, more than four times the existing 9 megabytes.

Login & Sign up Download Plugin

Please give us a rating

After downloading the pro version for free, Please give us a rating on the WordPress plugin download page. It helps to upgrade this plug-in, which is distributed for free.

Need to know before installation

Be sure to check the installation precautions in the section below before installing.

Basic Version

Go to the official plugin page and you can download basic version.

Notification Must know before installation


When you unzip the file, you must unzip it so that the wptobe-signinup folder is created in the root of C:\ or D:\. 

Because, The folder and file name of the included google-api-php-client library is long, so there are many cases of problems when uploading ftp. 

Reset Plugin

If you are already using Wptobe-signinup, delete all files in the wptobe-signinup folder and then upload all the files and folders the pro version. After uploading the file, you must reset the plugin in order to use the social login feature. 


Login & Sign up

Completely Free

 The most basic plugin in WordPress

Drag and drop user interface

Theme changes by just click once

The captcha protect from spam users

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